Round vibration screener


1) Outstanding screening capability, convenient movement and low equipment noise;

2) Vibration motor bearing is free of maintenance and has a long useful life;

3) Specially-designed vibration motor cable is not easily broken;

4) Special design guarantees that the sealed adhesive tape is not easily damaged;

5) Screener has a strong capability to prevent net blockade;

6) It can be used in single layer or multiple layers.


AAREAL vertical vibration motor is adopted to produce horizontal, vertical and oblique three-dimensional vibration, which is then transmitted to the net. Different exciting forces are produced by changing the spatial phase angles of the up and down eccentric blocks of motor to change the moving direction of materials.

Below illustrates the general characteristics of changing the spatial phase angles of up and down eccentric weights of motor:

Flow direction of materials Angle Characteristics Main application
Materials flow from central line to peripheral direction
General grading

Make a massive,  grading and coarse screening of materials which are easy to be screened

Start whirling motion

Used for general screening
Longest whirling motion Fine screening, used for grading of micro powder and materials with high cohesive force and much water

Materials gather towards the center

Special application

Specification and main technical parameters:

Type Power(Kw) Net diameter Effective screening area Vibration frequency (times/minute) Number of layers
AY—400 0.18 Kw 350mm   0.0962     1420     1~5
AY—600 0.25 Kw 550 mm   0.2375
AY—800 0.55 Kw 750 mm   0.4416
 AY—1000 0.75 Kw 920 mm   0.6644
 AY—1200 1.1 Kw 1120 mm   0.9847
 AY—1500 1.5 Kw 1420 mm     1.5829
 AY—1800 2.2 Kw 1720 mm     2.3223
AY-2000 3.0Kw 1920mm 2.89㎡

Bouncing rubber balls

Eccentric vibration panel which can be adjusted quickly

Easy-assembly and disassembly structure (pull-push type clamp)

Screening net structure 1

Screening net structure 2

Screening net structure 3

Changeable spinning vibration screener produced by AAREAL to accommodate various changes in working conditions:

Forcing-type (Brush-type) vibration screener

Anti-explosion motor-driven vibration screener

Mobile vibration screener

Valve-type spinning vibration screener

Round vibration screener with large production capability

Water-jet filter screener

Screener made by PP or PE screening area by 67%

Avalanche vibration screener which increases 

Ultrasonic screener all-in-one machine

Screening, dust-removal and iron-removal

Cleaning-type vibration screener

Lager spinning vibration screener with a diameter of 2m

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