Centrifugal screener

Materials are transmitted into the cylindrical screening net spirally. The materials are spread into fog shape by rotating blades. The fine materials pass through screening net by centrifugal force and propulsion force during rotating advance and are discharged from the outlet. Materials which cannot pass the net are gradually propelled to be discharged from the coarse material discharging outlet at the end of screening net.

It is applied in screening of adhesive materials which easily produce static electricity and contain many fibers. It is applicable in metallurgy industry, mining industry, pharmacy industry, food industry, chemical industry, metallic powder industry and non-metal industry, etc.

Property characteristics:

1. Small overall size, light weight, stability without vibration, no noise, good airtight performance, no powder and high efficiency;

2. Re-break agglomerated materials;

3. Airtight protection is added at the two ends of bearing to prevent powder from entering into bearing and effectively elongate the useful life of bearing;

4. Screening net is washed by whirl to be cleaned automatically, thus making screener operate continuously for a long time to guarantee safety and reliability.

This equipment is divided into universal type and convenient type according to structural mode. The convenient type applies to food and pharmacy industries. The internal is processed by arc welding for convenience of cleaning and disassembling structure.

Technical parameters

Type Material Screening net size(mm) Length(mm) Width(mm) Remarks
AL-18-85 Q235A Ø180*850 1580 500 Screening below 500 meshes
AL-30-85 Q235A Ø300*850 1680 600 Screening below 500 meshes
AL-50-100 Q235A Ø500*1000 1980 800 Screening below 300 meshes

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