Powerful round vibration screener

It is a new generation of smart screener and possesses more excellent properties. The net is almost never blocked. It is a substitute for traditional spinning vibration screener


1) The vertical accelerated speed is twice that of the original spinning screener (compared to this company);

2) The amount of materials it can process is 2-4 times that of the original product (compared to this company). The materials which are difficult to be screened almost never block net, the production amount is increased by times;

The noise is obviously reduced, small size, convenient movement, no need for installation foundation;

4) Greater vibration force and firmer structure;

5) More convenient to replace screening net;

6) Common motor drive or anti-explosion motor drive.

Overall structure:

Net structure:

Processing capability reference

Name of materials Ratio Powerful type Common type Capability ratio
1 Chemical materials 0.5 APZ-600-2s 400#Granularity
36Kg/h AY-600-2s 400#Granularity
10Kg/h 3.35
2 Resin 0.9 APZ-1000-1s 80#Granularity 660Kg/h AY-1000-1s 80#Granularity 283Kg/h 2.33
3 Silica alkali 1.3 APZ-1000-1s 60#Granularity 970Kg/h AY-1000-1s 60#Granularity 800Kg/h 1.21
4 Silica 0.9 APZ-1000-1s 100#Granularity 500Kg/h AY-1000-1s 100#Granularity 280Kg/h 1.79
5 Processed silica 0.5 APZ-1000-1s 100#Granularity 32Kg/h AY-1000-1s 100#Granularity 28Kg/h 2.74
6 Silica sand 1.5 APZ-1000-1s 35#Granularity 2000Kg/h AY-1000-1s 35#Granularity 1000Kg/h 2.00
7 Medicine 0.6 APZ-600-2s 14#Granularity50#Granularity 38Kg/h AY-600-2s 14#Granularity50#Granularity 12Kg/h 3.35
8 Abrasive materials 2.5 APZ-800-1s 32#Granularity 3700Kg/h AY-800-1s 32#Granularity 560Kg/h 6.60

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