Tumbler screener

As a new generation of high-tech screening equipment with excellent screening capability and precision, it is one of the highly-efficient large screening equipment which can compete with German screening technology. It possesses features of low fault rate, low breakdown rate, low utilization cost, high production capability, high precision and high efficiency. It is applied to the granular level between 1mm and 25μm and can be used in eight layers at most to product nine granular sections at most, which makes it more suitable for highly-precise screening of refined powder.


It is modeled after manual screening principles, super-long non-fault operation time, possess very excellent screening precision;

It can be equipped with brush, air-brush, scraper, ultrasonic vibrator and bouncing balls to avoid net blockage and guarantee the continuity of screening process;

It can ascend or descend gas cylinder to make it more convenient for replacing screening net;

Round building-block assembly structure makes it easy for assembly and disassembly;

The material discharging outlet can rotate in 360°;

Various screening net structures, which can be assembled and wholly stuck together;

Flexible tumbling screening will not damage the original granular structure of materials;

It will not easily produce static electricity and is applicable to screening of materials which are inflammable, combustible and easily produce static electricity;

The screening net is more durable than that of vibration screener and has a longer useful life;

The noise is reduced to 75dBa. The enclosure makes it more environmentally friendly.

Balance is very important

Adhered screening net and enclosure structure

Operation principles

AAREAL Tumbler screener is modeled after the manual screening principle and simulates manual screening motion to make three-dimensional round movement. It elaborately combines screening (planar round movement) with winnowing (upward projecting movement). The combination of round movement and upward projecting movement establish the horizontal and projecting three-dimensional rotating movement to make the materials move in an open spiral direction. Consequently, the materials will travel longer distance in the same area. The time for the materials to land on net is normally greater than 85%, which improves net penetration rate and increases the screening precision high to 90-99%, thus bringing up the production amount.

Relevant independent and adjustable rotating speed, eccentric distance, radial force and tangential force can be adapted according to the material’s physical properties and client’s various screening requirements to change the residence time and movement trajectory on the screening net in order to achieve optimal screening effect.

Screening parameter control figure


Only when the optimal operation setting parameters are memorized, optimal operation can be achieved repeatedly at any time to guarantee your product quality and achieve optimal screening effect.

Advanced and various anti-blockade technologies as well as diverse cleaning methods prevent the screening net from blockade to guarantee the continuity of screening process.

1) Bouncing ball cleaning equipment

Hole plate is placed under the screening net. Silica gel balls and PU rings are placed between the hole plate and the screening net in order to bounce and support the net as well as bounce out the materials blocking the net.

2) Rotating brush cleaning equipment

Rotating brush is rotating below the screening net driven by decelerator to bounce out the materials blocking the net.

3) Compressed air cleaning equipment

The compressed air or other gases are led to the air-injection rotating arm below the screening net through the air flow room at the center of screener. The air flow blows the materials from downwards with a speed of 120m/s to bounce out the materials blocking the net. It is applied to adhesive materials which produces static electricity and are difficult to be screened.

4) Rotating brush and compressed air cleaning equipment

5) Elastic scraper cleaning equipment

Elastic scraper is rotating on the screening net driven by decelerator to destroy powder mass and fake granules in order to screen materials.

6) Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration is added to the screening net, which can effectively clean the screening net.

Special screening structure satisfies special purposes

1) Avalanche screening

There are two layers of screening nets with the same structure. Materials enter the first screening net for screening. Those materials which are not yet screened in the first layer will enter the middle place of the second screening net through channels. Consequently, the screened materials travel a longer distance on the net, which increases the screening precision.

2) Pre-screening+avalanche screening

One or two layers of coarse screening nets can be placed on the avalanche screening net to pre-screen large granules. The fine screening process will be accomplished by avalanche structure.

3) Double amount screening

Materials are allocated to two screening nets with the same structure through special material tube and are divided into granules of two levels to accomplish the screening requirements for larger production amount.

4) Assembly screening net

Screening net is divided into many small parts to facilitate installing and replacing screening net.

Size and specification

AM-600 AM-1000 AM-1200 AM-1500 AM-2000 AM-2300 AM-2600 AM-2900

●Technical parameters


规格 AM600 AM950 AM1200 AM1400 AM1600 AM1700 AM2000 AM2100 AM2300 AM2600 AM2900
每层筛网面积 0.28m2 0.72m2 1.10m2 1.50m2 1.80m2 2.30m2 2.60m2 3.40m2 3.90m2 5.30m2 6.40m2
净占地面积 0.36m2 1.20m2 1.57m2 2.20m2 2.50m2 3.20m2 3.54m2 4.60m2 5.30m2 6.76m2 8.60m2
清洁系统 Rubber ball,  rotating brush, compressed air, rotating brush and compressed air, ultrasound and scraper can be selected.
电机拖动功率 0.25KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW 2.2KW 4.0KW 4.0KW 4.0KW 4.0KW 5.5KW 5.5KW
尺寸 Height/ Weight Height/ Weight Height/ Weight Height/ Weight Height/ Weight Height/ Weight Height/ Weight Height/ Weight Height/ Weight Height/ Weight Height/ Weight
1层 758 / 132 987 / 350 1223 / 420 1359/810 1484 / 820 1371/900 1534/920 1441/1450 1450/1490 11774 / 1525 1488/1675
2层 837 / 142 1106 / 400 1381 / 480 1498/880 1642 / 890 1510/980 1692/990 1580/1530 1589/1575 1967 / 1660 1627/1790
3 层 916 / 152 1225 / 450 1539 /520 1637/950 1800 / 960 1649/1070 1850/1080 1719/1650 1728/1700 2160 / 1810 1766/1940
4层 995 / 162 1344 / 510 1697 / 590 1776/1030 1958/ 1040 1788/1140 2008/1150 1858/1760 1867/1825 2353 / 1960 1905/2090
5层 1074/172 1463 / 580 1855 / 660 1915/1110 2116 / 1120 1927/1220 2166/1230 1997/1890 2006/1975 2546 / 2130 ——

Application industries

1、Chemical industry 2、 Food and spice industry 3、Plastics and synthetic resin 4、Mining industry 5、Medicine industry 6、 Wood industry 7、Metallurgy industry 8、Fertilizer industry 9、Chemical fertilizers 10、Firer 11、Others

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