Gyratory Sifter

It is a new generation of high-tech screening equipment with large production capability and classical type of the company, which possesses features of low fault rate, low breakdown rate, low utilization cost, high production capability, high precision and high efficiency.

Gyratory sifter possesses net side-tightening equipment, cleaning system for small balls, and provides the maximum horizontal vibration to maximize the sifting rate of qualified products as well as has huge screening production capability.

Gyratory sifter can increase factory’s production efficiency, reduce daily maintenance cost and brings you great profits due to its low fault rate, low breakdown rate, low utilization cost, high production capability, high precision and high efficiency.

Screener can have one to five screening nets and accomplish screening materials with 12 to 325 meshes. It can be designed as composite screening to increase its production. The design is compact, efficient and energy-saving.

●Application industries

It is widely applied in many applications of various industries, such as chemical industry, mining industry, quarrying industry, clay industry, glass industry and plastic industry, etc.

It can be suitable for the strictest screening of activated carbon, frac sand, limestone, plastic granule, PVC powder, roofing granule, salt and sugar.


Super-long screening operation time without fault;

Large production capability screening and composite screening;

Project forward to discharge materials for convenience of collection;

Clean net by bouncing balls to better avoid net blockade;

Quick screening net inspection and replacement.

Low self-damage to screener and low basic dynamic load.

Operation principles

All-cycling motion mode makes it possible for quickly spreading, layering and separating materials. The unique all-cycling motion quickly spreads the materials over the whole width of screening net at the material charging end and starts to drive the material granules to advance sticking to the screening net. The large horizontal vibration improves the screening effect on granules with similar size and increases the amount of materials the screener can process.

Drive and hoist

The drive part of gyratory sifter is located at the center below the screener and can be taken for repair through inspection gate. The machine hanging rod includes universal joint bearing and middle buffer joint which needs no maintenance and resists torque force.


AF—1025 AF—1030 AF—1036

AF—1530 AF—1536

AF—1836 AF—2040

●Product delivery photos and field photos

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