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Xinxiang AAREAL Machinery Co., Ltd is a vibrating and screening manufacturer professionally engaged in many kinds of products such as Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen, AY series Vibrating Screen, AV series Vibrating Motor, Linear vibrating screen, Iron separator, etc.

We focuse on the advanced technology in the screening and filtering area, and is professional in the design and manufacture of the vibrating screen equipments. We offers the technological advanced screening solutions for our customers to solve the screening difficulties efficiently. We can also offer the customers fine screening equipments with reasonable details, good performance and dependence after its fully understanding the screening requirements and the physical and chemical characteristics of the customers products as well as to increase the added value for their products. We hope to establish a stable and long term business cooperation relationship with our customers.

AAREAL: Depends on the advance screening technologies and rich working experience, we have designed and manufactured the excellent screening equipments with best quality, performance and dependence to satisfy the customized requirements to ensure our customers get the best service with the industry.

The characteristics of AAREAL Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen:

1)Prevent efficiently the net from been blocked, control the particle range on the smaller side.

2)Truly solved the difficulties of screening strong adsorptive materials, static electricity-producing materials, materials easy to coacervate and light proportion materials.

3)Ensure the nature of the screened materials unchanged.

4)High accuracy screen realized, being improved to 1-70%, and the output capacity is 0.5-10 times than before.

5)Digital input, the frequency can be followed automaticly.

6)High efficiency of the energy converter. (measure up to the international standard).

7)24 hours continuous working without need of cooling the CPS and the energy converter.

8)The energy converter is connected with the screen net by screws, easy to be removal and cleaned.

9)Separating structure, sympathetic vibration rings used, long duration of the net.

10)25µm dry powder and 10üm liquid can be screened.

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