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Standardized Service Procedure:

1) Provide the professional advices for the customers to help them to analysis the problems appeared in the screening process.

2) Free screening test in our professional screening lab is for the customers to offer them the technological advanced screening solutions (the feasibility of the screening techniques, particles comparation before and after the screening, mesh size determination, materials dealing ability, efficiency, equipment specification and best settings for the equipment by making use of our working experience and excellent technologies.

3) Perfect craftsmanship, offering the first-grade screening equipments for the customers.

4) Help the customers to fix and adjust the machines.

5) Help to train the operators of the customers on the basic knowledge of operation and intenance of the machine the customers choose.

6) Establish the customers' files, visit the customers on site periodically, or make a following phone call to the customers periodically.

7) Warranty, motors is 8 months, and the whole machine is all life ( except for the quick-wear parts ).

8) 24hr, 7 day quick response service provided (the support engineer will either conduct technical support on site or provide technical support through video.)

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