Repairing and Maintenance of the Vibrating Screener



A. Maintenance

1. Use and Repairing

a. This machine should be equipped with the electric protection device.

b. In the beginning of the operation, The foundation bolts should be checked at least once every day, incase any loosing happen.

c. When the direction of rotation of the motor is not meet the requirements, just adjust the phase sequence of the power.

d. Motor should be oiling well, lithium base grease(zl-3) should be added once every two weeks. When oil added, the lithium base grease can be added as needed through the oil cup. When sealed bearing used, no oil cup equipped.

e. When working over 1500 hours accumulatively, bearing should be checked and if serious damage happen, it should be replaced at once.

f. Insulation resistance should be detected by megger with 500 volt when used after long time resting of the machine and the result should be 0.5 mge.

2.Daily maintenance

a. Before starting up

a) To check any damage on thick and fine net mesh.

b) To check each group of band rings has been fixed well.

b. Being starting

a) Any noise produced or not.

b) The electric current is stable or not

c) Any unnormal vibration happened or not

c. After working: to clear up the machine when working ended.

3. Periodic maintenance

a. To check periodically the thick as well as fine mesh and the springs to see whether any fatigue or damage happened on them, and each part of the machine damaged by vibration.

b. When motor work for two weeks, lithium base grease(zl-3) should be added. When working over 1500 hours accumulatively, bearing should be checked and if serious damage happen, it should be replaced at once.

B. Maintenance of Rectangular line screeners

1. Although no need for the lubricating oil, the machine still need to be repaired as a whole, such as replace the scaleboard or recondition the screen net surface. The motor need to be dismounted to check and the oil of the electric motor bearing need to be renewed. If the bearing is damaged, then change at once.

2. The sieve should be get out frequently to check whether its’ surface is damaged or unevenness, and the screen mesh is plugged or not.

3. Suggest to make an support frame to hang the spare sieve.

4. To check the sealed trip frequently, if any damage or defectiveness detected, it should be replaced in time.

5. The sieve should be checked before each start up, and if any loosening happen, it should be fixed tightly.

6. The storage box should be checked before each start up to see if it is loosening or not, if the interval is getting larger to cause the crash, the machine will be cracked.

7. The support device of the screen body should to be checked before each start up to check if the cavity rubber blanket is out of shape or degumming, if the rubber blanket is damaged or flattened excessively, both of the two rubber blanket should be replaced at the same time.

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